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    1. small home appliances

      KS-879 Stretchable air circulation fan

      product name: Stretchable air circulation fan
      model: KS-879
      Material: ABS
      power: 9W
      Voltage: 3.7V
      Applicable area: Available everywhere
      battery capacity: 2000MAH  
      Charging power supply: 5V/0.8A
      Product Size: 16.8*16.8*8.7
      Product packaging size: 17*17*9.2
      Carton size: 70*48.5*36
      Packing quantity/ctn 40pcs
      carton gross weight: 20KG
      single piece net weight 350g
      single piece gross weight 430g
      control method: Touch control
      color: green/white
      Product standard configuration: Charging cable + battery + manual
      Product folding and stretching height: Up to 360mm, stand up ① section 300mm, total 85mm (body diameter 170mm)
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